Saturday, September 10, 2011

First day of school at Chapman!!

Scotty started the Physical Therapy Program at Chapman & will be done with school 2014. I'm so proud of him! He is going to do great <3

Scotty's White Coat Ceremony

River Trip

 Scotty wake surfing

 Mason &
 Damien too.

Stevan doing what he does best
 My cute husband!
 I finally got on the wake surf

 Little Blake
Homework time!! (The kids were missing a week of school to come the river so they had to do tons of homework in the morning.)
 Baby Blake being adorable.
 Scotty broke the wake board on the second day :(
 Little Tristen & Clayton wishing they could drive the golf cart

Orange County Fair

 We went in and saw all the ice sculptures. They were pretty sweet looking.
 A Lamb chewing on the bar .. i thought it was funny
 My cute little farmer boy
 Favorite part was the deep fried snickers &
the oreo's!!! Mmm!